General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Payment for all goods and services strictly payable 14 days following the invoice date.

2. You undertake to pay the account in full on or before the due date. In default of such payment, you undertake to pay the late payment fee of 2% per month on amounts outstanding and to indemnify us and pay all costs and legal expenses where such action proves necessary. This includes any credit collection fees that we may incur in recovering from you any overdue amount.

3. Ownership:  Risk in any goods supplied by Reliance Fire Protection Ltd to you shall pass when such goods are delivered to you or into custody on your behalf.  Ownership of such goods remains the property of Reliance Fire Protection Ltd. until such time as payment is made in full for the goods.

4. You have read and understood our terms and conditions of sale and agree to abide by them.

5. Warranty: Reliance Fire Protection Ltd warrants all new equipment manufactured by us against faulty workmanship or materials for 30 days and agrees to replace or repair the same at our cost, excluding traveling costs and expenses.

We give no warranty for other manufacturers’ products that you may purchase from us, except to the extent of any warranty given by that manufacturer.

We give no warranty for products supplied by us that have been repaired or altered by a third party without the express approval of Reliance Fire Protection Ltd.

No claim will be met for damages due to fair wear and tear, lack of servicing, dirt, non-compliance with operation instructions, misuse, neglect or accident.

This warranty will be affective only where you the purchaser have complied with your payment obligations. To the fullest extent permitted by the law, this warranty shall be your sole remedy against Reliance Fire Protection Ltd.

Reliance Fire Protection Ltd

May 2021